You have built an incredible, successful creative business and now you are T.I.R.E.D? If you’re finding yourself doing things that are necessary (like sending proposals, contracts, invoicing, scheduling appointments) but they don’t bring in the revenue?   Grab a cup of coffee and pull up a chair – this article is for you!  There are so many tools on the market it can be absolutely mind blowing. So let’s set aside all the fancy tools and do some dreaming for a minute.

Imagine you are sitting on the beach in a different country enjoying your cocktail.  While you were soaking up the sun and reading your favorite book, someone came across your website, filled out a short questionnaire, booked a discovery call, received a confirmation of the booked appointment and will even receive a reminder email 24 hours before the appointment and you didn’t lift a finger.   Now, imagine that you received a notification about your upcoming appointment but again…you have not lifted a single finger – how does that feel? What is that called? Well, my friend – Welcome to the world of  ‘automation.  Finally, imagine that you had several automations throughout your business? What does that look like? Will you be spending more time on your perfect beach? Will you now have time to promote your business and scale to the next level? The choice is yours and the best part…leave it to me to create those automations!

Yes, that’s right! I AM an interior designer so I get what needs to be done and I am also a certified operations manager so I also know what it takes to not only run a successful business but to GROW your business!  So how DO you automate the intricacies of your business?

Let’s talk about the fancy tools. There are SO many out there but IF you are familiar with the term Dubsado that is because it was created for creative businesses such as designers and photographers. Then other industries started jumping on board since Dubsado is a GENIUS platform.

How can I use Dubsado?

I am so glad you asked…it would actually take less time to explain where you CAN’T use dubsado really!

You may be familiar with software like Asana, Trello, Monday or Honeybook. Dubsado is very similar, however it is way more robust and can allow for automations within your workflows. (Which means you and your team aren’t stuck spending hours and hours a month ensuring workflows are actually flowing.)

Some of the highlights of Dusbasdo include:
  • Customizable forms to include (but not limited to): questionnaires, lead proposals, lead capture forms and/or contracts
  • Invoicing and/or bookkeeping
  • Automations you can customize to your hearts’ content
  • Project and client management through email and project boards
  • An amazing client scheduling tool…SO MUCH MORE!

Why do I need Dubsado?

I know this comes as no surprise…but time is finite. No matter who you are or where you’re from, you only get 24 hours in a day.

I don’t know about you all, but I would much prefer to be having a coffee or wine date with my friends, or hanging with my kids, than spending my precious time sending invoices.

With the automations in Dubsado you can schedule discovery calls with your clients, take notes about their wants and needs, send contracts, and send/receive payments in one fell swoop! It takes the ‘clunkiness’ out of onboarding clients so you can spend your time actually catering to your clients needs.

How can I make Dubsado work as a creative home professional?

Every client you onboard has different preferences. Details about your clients and their wants and needs can easily be lost if you’re shuffling around Post-It notes on your desk or paying someone to physically file away 100s of papers every month. (Read more about the importance of taking your design business digital here.)

Technology has come such a long way (even in the past few years!) Instead of shuffling papers and risking spilling your cafe latte on beautiful blueprints or color swatches, you can easily scan in documents USING YOUR IPHONE and organize client documents using task boards in Dubsado.

Creating questionnaires within Dubsado is another excellent way to not only capture your clients’ visions, but then easily file them for safekeeping. Imagine, being able to just click on a client board on Dubsado, before a check-in meeting, and having everything you and your client have ever done together, right at your fingertips.

(You could even be on the beach in Mexico having that check-in call, since you won’t have to dig through filing cabinets of papers for client documents! HELLLLOOO FREEDOM!)

Sounds like a lot of work…

Just like MOST things – the setup of ANY system is the most time consuming. But, Lucky for you, Dubsado set-up and automations are one of my specialties!

You may not even know what you CAN automate within your business…and that’s okay!

I am more than happy to chat with you about what you’re currently doing in your creative home professional business, and give suggestions as to how you can streamline your processes.

Imagine what you and your team could do with extra HOURS during your month! 

If any of this sounds like something you even MIGHT be interested in, I would love to schedule a free, no-commitment call where we can discuss all of the ways Dubsado can take the stress and confusion out of your business.

What would automations and online organization in your business do for you? I’d love to hear in the comment section below!

Happy designing!

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