Myths of Hiring You Need to Know

As a business owner you have so many decisions to make every day.  And these decisions are usually ones that will cost you and your business money if you don’t choose wisely.  One of the biggest aspects of your business that can warrant bad effects if you make a bad (or not the best) decision is hiring.  When you are a business owner, all you want is to work on your passion and for your passion to be as successful as the people you help… However when you make the wrong decision about hiring it can negatively impact your business in BIG ways.  With that being said I want to also mention how there are definitely some misconceptions or “myths” when it comes to hiring.  Here are a few!

You don’t need a Vision statement

As a certified Director of Operations (DOO) my absolute number one tip to finding your right fit person is knowing what your business’ vision is.  Without this, you are shooting arrows in the dark.  To learn more about what a vision statement is and how it differs from a mission statement make sure to read this blog post!

Candidates don’t need to believe in the mission and core values

Do the work and dig deep to understand why you started your business in any way.  What drives it (or you) to keep going even when the days are long and hard?  The attributes that drive you will be things you look for in candidates who want to work with you.  You can even use these attributes to carve out your core values and make sure your candidates’ values align with your business’!  If you hire a candidate that doesn’t believe in your mission and vision then the output of work will most likely not be up to your standards.  

Tip:  Create a list of personality traits and attributes that align with you and your business goals.  Use these as your business vision before you start the hiring process

You have to wait until you are up to your eyeballs with work before you can justify the cost of hiring.

I cannot put into words how extremely false this statement is.  When you wait until you are overwhelmed with your workload you usually feel like you are hiring out of a reactive mindset.  You will rush the process because you “just need somebody to help me”.  The job description will most likely be lacking the true attention it needs to attract the right candidate.  When you have a hiring strategy in mind you will be less stressed and be able to hire with a proactive mindset.  It’s just like making a big purchase, for example a new house.  You don’t just jump and buy the first one you go see, you take your time and find the right one.  


Your business vision is your atlas to success.  Without a solid strategy in place to build your business you are missing the target.  I am here to help you, let’s chat!

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