Are You Ready to Hire Your Right Hand?

This blog post is going to be a little bit of a heart to heart. When I say your right hand it screams Game of Thrones, hand of the king! IYKYKI get on a lot of calls with people who say they are ready to hand over some of the

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Myths of Hiring You Need to Know

As a business owner you have so many decisions to make every day.  And these decisions are usually ones that will cost you and your business money if you don’t choose wisely.  One of the biggest aspects of your business that can warrant bad effects if you make a bad

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Why Mindset is Important in an Online Business

Mindset… According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, mindset is a mental attitude or inclination or a fixed state of mind.  However I don’t only think of mindset as this definition.  I also think of it like a habit… It is very common within business where sales decline or productivity decreases because

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Mission Statement vs. Vision Statement

If you’re a small business owner, you may have heard of a mission and vision statement and you may have heard both of these phrases used interchangeably. Whether you’re a small business or a nonprofit organization, you need to have a focused and well-written one. Businesses use mission and vision

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How to Move Out of “Constant Overwhelm”

Are you constantly saying to yourself…I will handle that “fill in the blank ” task tomorrow.  But then tomorrow comes and goes and before you know it, so does the entire week.  You have a grand vision of being a Wizard who can run your business on caffeine and little

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What Are Business KPIs and Why Tracking Them Is Important

The business world can be daunting because it’s not black and white. Which is why KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are so important! They give your business a quantitative way to track whether or not you’re making headway toward your goals. So what are KPIs? Why are they so important? How

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How Hiring Can Actually Save You Money!

Business is a funny thing. For some people it can seem counterintuitive to spend money in order to make money. However, as a successful business owner myself, I’m here to tell you; Hiring team members is the number one way to take your business to the next level. Sure, you

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Hiring: How and Who do I Hire?

As an entrepreneur, ideas probably flow easily to you. You know where you want to go with your business. However, the needle seems to be stuck when it comes to growth. Maybe that’s because you need to hire help when it comes to implementation? Or maybe your business ideas are

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Why Dubsado?

If you are familiar with the term Dubsado, that’s because it was created for creative businesses such as designers. Learn more about why!

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